Ohara S-FSL1/S-FSL5
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Ohara S-FSL1/S-FSL5

Ohara optical glass serves as the cornerstone of advanced optical systems and is widely used in digital devices, such as digital cameras, cellular camera phones, and LCD projectors. Our leading edge materials are also used in optical devices such as microscopes and astronomical telescopes.
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  • Ohara S-FSL1/S-FSL5

  • Ohara

  • CLASER XS013#

General Introduction:

For many years, Ohara have been mindful of the environment through the development and manufacture of our ecologically safe glass types, currently melting more than 130 environmentally safe glass types that are free of both lead and arsenic.

Ohara produces more than 300 tons of high quality optical glass each month available as strip, slab, cut blanks, pressings and other forms.

Main applications:

1. Laser research and development and manufacturing

2. Aspheric surface and spherical lens

3. Used for high-value camera objectives, projectors, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, smart phones, laser applications, night vision devices, glasses lenses

4. Used for barcode scanner and laser projector

5. For analysis, photography, medical technology and laser protection

6. Window (planar parallel polished component with distorted light transmission in optical system)

7. Substrate (e.g., material for an interference filter)

8. Radiation absorption glass (lead glass)

9. Glass substrates for filters and lenses, etc




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