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  • Fused Silica
    Fused quartz has high chemical purity and corrosion resistance, high softening temperature, good heat resistance, low thermal expansion, high thermal shock resistance, high transparency from ultraviolet to infrared spectrum range, high radiation resistance.
  • Glass Ceramics
    Glass Ceramics has a very low thermal expansion rate, so it is essential for a large number of demanding high-tech applications that require extremely high accuracy.
  • Infrared Material
    Infrared materials include zinc selenide, zinc sulfide, barium fluoride, calcium fluoride etc.
  • Optical Glass
    Schott optical glass, sapphire, N-BK7 optical glass, Ohara optical glass.
  • Corning 7980/7979/7978/7973/7972/8655/ULE
    We supply Corning with different grades of fused silica to support different product applications.
    It has the characteristics of extremely low refractive index change, extremely low birefringence value, large size, excellent transmittance covering from ultraviolet band to infrared band, and ultra-low coefficient of thermal expansion.
    This is based on AGC's years of accumulation of precision glass, precision chemistry, precision ceramics technology and research and development and manufacturing. Suitable for the semiconductor process, is widely used in a variety of optical components of high purity, high quality, high function glass.


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