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Optical Glass

Schott optical glass, sapphire, N-BK7 optical glass, Ohara optical glass.
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Main Application:

1.Laser research and development and manufacturing

2.Aspheric surface and spherical lens

3.High value camera objectives, projectors, microscopes, telescopes, binoculars, smartphones, laser applications, night vision devices, eyeglass lenses

4.Cylindrical lens

5.For barcode scanners and laser projectors

6.Filter glass

7.Used for analysis, photography, medical technology and laser protection

8.Window (flat parallel polishing part for undistorted light transmission in optical system)

9.Substrate (e.g., material for interference filters)

10.Special glass for radiation absorption (lead glass)

11.Machine vision

12.Lighting system

13.Glass substrates for filters and lenses

14.Optical fiber applications

15.Moving optical elements

16.Infrared materials, night vision monoculars for shooting and ornithology

17.Digital camera, digital projection, video recorder

18.Medical and cosmetic lasers

We offer:

Optical glass workblank

Optical glass roughwrought blank,

Optical glass ware further processing services, including cutting, shaping, polishing, grinding, drilling, coring, edge, chamfering, 3 d tour, laser engraving and marking, the single side polishing, double-sided polishing, ring throwing, ion beam polishing process, the magnetic rheological polishing processing, lightweight, sink holes, CNC machining, grooving, vacuum coating, evaporation coating, cleaning, metrology and measurement, gluing, optical assembly, etc.




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