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SQ fused silica is an advanced industrial inclusion free and bubble free material supplied by LEONI, Germany. SQ(synthetic quartz) stands for fused silica and exhibits laser Durabil, refractive index uniformity, and stability under thermal conditions and stress.
Its uniformity and stripe level can be used in optical components such as prisms, lenses, wafers or displays.
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  • CLASER-XS004

General Introduction:

SQ fused silica is an advanced industrial inclusion-free and bubble-free material for LEONI, Germany. SQ(Synthetic quartz) stands for molten silica, showing laser Durabile, refractive index uniformity, and stability under thermal conditions and stresses.

Available in five qualities (grade 3 and 2 subgrades), SQ fused silica can be used for high, medium and standard technical uses in optical components such as prisms, lenses, wafers or displays for its uniformity and fringe level.

SQ supports the design and manufacture of prefabricated parts for special applications, as well as parametric controlled stretching of high-performance fibers for advanced special and photonic devices.

Main Characteristic:

1.Due to the manufacturing technology used, the product has multiple functions (including rods, plates, plates, blocks, prisms)

2.Fused quartz free of impurities and bubbles for laser and optical purposes

3.Extremely low fluorescence and excellent laser stability due to its high OH and H2 content

4.Excellent optical properties: high homogeneity, low stress birefringence, high transmittance @193 nm@248 nm

Main Applications:

1). High-end, medium and standard technical uses of optical components such as prisms, lenses, wafers or displays

2). High performance optical fiber for high-end special and photonic devices

3) excimer laser optics and beam guidance system

4). From DUV and UV optical elements

5). Optical materials in wiring harness systems for OLED manufacturing

6). Uv rods, preforms and optical fibers

7) Laser fusion

8) Fused quartz containers and Windows for technical applications

9) Lithography and microlithography applications: stepper lenses, mask bad materials, wafers and lithographic optics

Quality Grade:

SQ0 has high 3D optical homogeneity. No functional orientation of the fringe is recommended for use in high-end resolution requirements such as prisms and lenses.

SQ1 shows a high degree of uniformity, with no fringe functional orientation in the sample. Typical applications are optical components, such as lenses, windows, wafers, and optical fibers.

Excimer grade fused quartz - Available as SQ1 or SQO: Excellent transmittance at 193 nm/248 nm. Minimum Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)-SQO-E193/SQ1-E193 (ArF excimer level)-SQO-E248/SQ1-E248 (KrF excimer level)




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