UMICORE single crystal Ge
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UMICORE single crystal Ge

Germanium compounds and products are created during the various stages of the production flowsheet from raw materials to semiconductor substrate. Starting with Germanium concentrate chlorinated and purified into GeCl4 , GeCl4 hydrolized to GeO2 and GeO2 reduced to Ge bars. The Ge crystals are grown using Czochralski crystal pulling and further processed into either high purity crystals or Ge semiconductor wafers.
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  • UMICORE single crystal Ge


  • CLASER XS013#

General Introduction:

With more than 40 years of experience in drawing germanium crystals, UMICORE is one of the few factories in the world capable of drawing dislocation-free germanium ingots. Diameter range is 4 "to 12" (100 -- 300mm).

Due to the closely matched thermal and crystallography properties of germanium and gallium arsenide, the epi-ready germanium substrate provides a new option for epitaxiy growth and/or layer transfer of III-V compounds.

For proper nucleation, the wafer is precisely "cut" to the proper orientation and has been surface cleaned. To ensure a pristine growth surface, all production steps are closely monitored using statistical process control and the wafers are carefully examined.

Main Advantages: 

1. Crystals are grown in the (100) crystallographic direction

2. The surface of the outer crystal is growth or cylindrical grinding (maximum surface roughness is 2.5um RMS)

3. Check by infrared thermal imager to ensure the stability of crystal

4. Perfect crystal, widely used

Main applications: 

1. LED and photoelectric devices 

2. Wrong use of VCSEL (vertical cavity surface emitting laser) 

3. Concentrating photovoltaic (CPV) 




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