Hellma CVD ZnSe
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Hellma CVD ZnSe

Chemically vapor-deposited CVD Zinc Selenide® is the material of choice for use as optical components in high-powered CO2 lasers due to its low bulk absorption at 10.6 µm. Its index of refraction homogeneity and uniformity offers excellent optical performance for use as protective windows or optical elements in high-resolution forward-looking (FLIR) thermal imaging equipment.
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  • Hellma CVD ZnSe

  • Hellma

  • CLASER XS009#

General Introduction:

CVD Zinc Selenide is chemically inert, non-hygroscopic, highly pure, theoretically dense and easily machined. It has extremely low bulk losses due to absorption and scatter, has a high resistance to thermal shock and is stable in virtually all environments.

Custom diameters, rectangles, CNC-profiled blanks, generated lens blanks, prisms and near-net shape domes can be made to your specifications.


1. Excellent transmittance in IR (up to 20µm)

2. Chemically inert

3. High resistance to thermal and environmental impacts

4. Non-hygroscopic

5. Easy to machine

Main applications:

1. High-energy carbon dioxide laser system

2. High Resolution Forward-Looking infrared (FUR)

3. Protective window of thermal imaging equipment

4. Small Windows and lenses for medical and T applications, such as thermometers and spectrometers

5. Evaporation source material

6. Small windows and lenses in medical and industrial applications

7. Thermometry and spectroscopy




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