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N-BK7 is designed and manufactured by Schott in Germany for a wide range of visible and short-wave infrared applications.
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  • CLASER XS015#

General Introduction:

SCHOTT BK7/N-BK7 is a borosilicate crown glass with special optical uniformity. This type of glass can be used when the transmission and reflection quality of the glass is particularly high, such as for laser components.

BK7/N-BK7 is also a very pure general-purpose optical glass, and it is one of the most standard glass types used to produce high quality optical devices, mainly for the visible spectrum. In contrast to hard silicate crown materials, which are made of pure materials, they contain few inclusions and almost no air bubbles.


1. High performance, low cost

2. Good consistency of materials

3. High uniformity of refractive index

4. Low stress birefringence

5. Less bubbles and stripes

6. N-BK7 can withstand low transition temperatures, most of which are lower than 550℃, which can improve the die life and shorten the molding time.

7. Will have a low tendency of chemical reaction with the die material in the range of molding temperature

8. It has strict optical tolerances

9. A variety of glass sizes are available

10. A variety of supply forms, can provide optical raw materials, optical blanks, optical parts, etc.

Main Application:

High energy laser technology, measurement technology

The semiconductor industry

Imaging applications in satellite technology and astronomical applications

The absolute refractive index deviation is small: the peak-valley value of H5 grade glass is 1 x 10 -- 6

The imaging resolution of this quality grade glass is extremely high

Separate testing reports are provided for the products

The uniformity is measured by an advanced extremely accurate interferometer




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