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NIFS series features a homogeneous refractive index, high transmittance and superior laser durability.
The NIFS series has been developed and manufactured based on nearly 100 years of experience in optics. Various grades are available for different sizes and applications, as well as for numerous optical properties such as wavelengths.
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  • CLASER XS005#

General Introduction:

The NIFS series of fused silica  is based on more than 100 years of Nikon's experience in the field of optics.

It has the characteristics of less impurity, good light transmittance and good heat resistance.

The NIFS series has superior optical characteristics, depending on the use and size, use wavelength and other optical characteristics, can be selected from a variety of grades.

Optical grades and features:

Grade recommended wavelength features
NIFS-V ArF(193 nm) very high laser durability
Transmittance up to ArF excimer laser (193 nm) guaranteed
NIFS-A ArF(193 nm) Transmittance up to ArF excimer laser (193 nm) guaranteed
NIFS-U KrF(248 nm) Transmittance up to KrF excimer laser (248 nm) guaranteed
NIFS-S Ultraviolet/visible regions Standard NIFS series grade
Most suited to optical systems that use visible light or i-line (365 nm)
We offer high-quality materials as large as 2,000 mm square
NIFS-I For non-optical applications For use in non-optical systems. Most suited to mirrors
We offer materials as large as 2,000 mm square

Transmittance range:


Main Application:

1.Optics for ultraviolet and high-power lasers

2.Photomask substrates for semiconductors/FPD

3.Lenses for semiconductor and FPD lithography systems, optical components

4.Lenses for industrial inspection equipment, optical components

5.Synthetic silica glass wafers

6.Substrates for various devices (e.g. TFT, CCD, etc.)

7.Optics for astronomy

8.Optics for medical equipment

9.Optics for semiconductor manufacturing equipment




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