Schott Zerodur glass-ceramic
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Schott Zerodur glass-ceramic

Zerodur glass-ceramic has always been one of Schott's most unique and extraordinary products.
Due to its extremely low thermal expansion rate, it is essential for a large number of demanding high-tech applications requiring extremely high precision.
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  • Schott Zerodur glass-ceramic

  • Schott

  • CLASER XS007#

General Introduction:

Zerodur is an inorganic nonporous lithium aluminum silicon oxide glass-ceramics, which has the characteristics of very low thermal expansion and overall uniformity. In addition, compared with other glass-ceramics, it has an extremely low defect rate, high strength, and is transparent to visible light. We can provide smooth surfaces with roughness less than the nanometer range.


1. Near zero thermal expansion

2. High uniformity

3. Available under extreme conditions

4. CNC custom 3D shapes

5. Excellent reliability

6. Low air permeability

Main Application:

1. Table and mirror for IC and LCD lithography equipment

2. A mirror base for segmented and large monolithic telescopes

3. Ultralight mirror blank

4. Technical standard for precision measurement

5. High precision mechanical parts, such as ring laser gyro body




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